Friday, April 12, 2013

Foreword - Why blogging?


Why Blogging?

I guess many ask this question and many feel that blogging contributes nothing and takes time from the writer as much as from the viewer. This may be correct depending on one's point of view. As far as I am concerned, I felt that it offers a way to express oneself in matters of thoughts on a variety of issues that life allows us to face, on our views on art, people, events, etc.

I intend to write about thoughts that occurred to me or to other people.  I liked the latter without necessarilly sharing them, but for their depth and construction, which represent a great function of our mind. Or, perhaps, for their humor...(sometimes).

I intend to write about some political views in the true societal manner. An expression of the reaction I have facing some events. I do not proselyte, I don't make any propaganda, but I feel that we should share our views even without a remote intention of convincing others of our opinions. Just for sharing and further distilling our thoughts and thought process. This is a God-given ability that I honor and love.

I wish to share my artistic endeavors in art. In the last two years I am learning and experimenting in ceramics art. I found this way of bringing to light images that were somewhere in my soul, but never had the courage to place them in a physical form. I wish to publish here some pictures of 'my art' and their respective descriptions.  I am convinced that I am doing better in my work and that I should persevere.

And finally, I want to write some food recipes, which I learned from various sources and often modified to please my palate. The fact that most of them pleased others' taste buds made me feel that they might be of some interest.

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