Friday, April 19, 2013

Eve of Long Beach - March, 2011

As I wrote in the opening statement, this is the first piece of clay figure I ever made. I recall facing the lump of clay and thinking of what should I do with it. I know well human anatomy and I decided to make a woman torso. In one afternoon I made it in sandstone clay, which is brown in its fresh state (the so-called ‘green’ stage). My colleagues liked it very much. The teacher asked me how long did I work on it and I said that it took me about 4 hours. She looked at me incredulously (?) and said that this should take a beginner at least two days of work… Well, I felt encouraged and so it all started.

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  1. It is truly an amazing first endeavor. You have a natural talent for this. I'm sure it is quite rewarding. I look forward to seeing more pieces.